Collaborative CRM is the type of Customer Relationship Management that is concerned with interaction within an organization and channel management. This CRM is a necessary tool for building a collaborative strategy for your brand. Through this, you create an atmosphere of synergy within your organization where various arms can work together towards a preconceived goal.

Collaborative CRM allows various departments, like sales, technical support, and marketing, to share data sourced from customer interaction. Under Collaborative CRM, various departments in an organization jointly process the information on customers to improve customer relationships and satisfaction. All these put your brand on the right track to offering high-quality customer service of achieving brand loyalty.

Collaborative CRM promotes smooth interrelationship within an organization. For example, technical support could receive feedback from your customer and the marketing team could make use of this information to target customers with the appropriate campaigns. Collaborative CRM is divided into two major parts; Interaction Management and Channel Management.

Interaction Management

This is the aspect of Collaborative CRM that centers on managing interactions between the organization and the customers. It involves the various methods an organization uses to relate to its customers. These are communication channels like email, social media, phone calls, letters, face to face meetings, and so on.

Channel Management

Customers prefer some channels to others and an organization needs to reach out to its customers through their preferred channels. Collaborative CRM helps an organization to manage the channels used to reach out to customers. Through this, they can be improved to better serve the purpose of enhancing customer interaction and relationship.

Building a Successful Collaborative Strategy

One of the main goals of Collaborative CRM is building a collaborative strategy that would spur the organization to achieve its goals. One of the steps to attaining this is to understand your business goal. Organizations have various collaborative strategies for different business needs. You have to identify and define your goals to determine what strategy would be a great fit.

You should also select the technology to use based on your business needs. There are countless technologies used in the market with different capabilities. To determine which of them to use, you have to consider the usability and cost of the technology and also your business goal.

Running campaigns and strategies without measuring effectiveness is like operating blindly. You should see it necessary to measure the effectiveness of your business and marketing strategies with the use of key performance indicators.


Altogether, Collaborative CRM is a highly essential type of CRM as it helps you in the journey of attaining high-quality customer interaction. Since you make use of online collaborations, you get to manage costs. It also assists in synergizing data on your customers to allow centralized data analysis.

This type of Customer Relationship Management is aimed at improving the quality of customer service and the relationship that your brand offers and ultimately getting to the hearts of your customers, transforming them into brand advocates. Understanding the concept would make you better equipped to achieve your business goal.


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