If you have chosen to make use of a CRM software, you want to be familiar with how you can integrate it into your business features. CRM is very valuable and would fulfill its purpose of developing your customer relationship when you have fully incorporated it into your business.

Your CRM should ideally serve as a central nucleus for your business activities which has a root in various aspects of your business. Having an integrated CRM allows you to fully explore its capabilities towards meeting your business goals. There are some integrations for your CRM in your business processes.


If you integrate your email marketing into your CRM, you can log all of our emails and have access to your email contacts anytime. This makes your email system centralized and organized and consequently, easy to manage.


Your calendar tools assist you in keeping track of important events and dates like meetings, and so on. You could integrate this into your CRM to log key tasks, easily create reminders on your calendar, and stay informed on them.

Social Media

Social media has proven to be a very lucrative tool for businesses. You can also optimize this opportunity by integrating your business’ social media accounts with your CRM. This would aid your business by providing you with data and insights on your social media audience.

Valuable data on your social media audience supports you while making decisions on the kind of content they like and engage with. CRM also allows you to automate your posts on social media.

Internal Communications

For optimal communication among members of your organization, you should make use of communication tools. You can also integrate your organization’s communication tools with your CRM so you can interact with your team members within the software.


As a business, you would make use of forms to collect customer data and contacts. Synchronize these forms with your CRM for easy analysis and organization. this makes it easier to track your email contacts and implement your email marketing campaigns.


If you have an e-commerce business, you should integrate your online shopping platform into your CRM. This would assist you in understanding the shopping behavior of your customers. It would also integrate contacts and orders, through which you can reach out to certain customers. Having data on your online shop customers would prove useful as you can analyze and make remarketing decisions based on them.

Call Software

If you need to host conference calls regularly with members of your organizations or even calls with your leads and customers, you can make the process easier and more organized with CRM. It allows you to integrate your calling software and save your details and contacts which makes it easier to execute your conference or video calls.


Integrating document software with your CRM allows you to handle and monitor your documents in one central system. Your contracts, proposals and other official documents will be easily organized with the help of your CRM. It also allows you to easily import available data into your documents at any time.


Integrating the various aspects of your business into your CRM is highly relevant as it saves valuable and efforts in executing tasks. You need to get a credible CRM system in the center of your business to enhance your operations and gear you towards achieving your customer relationship goals.

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