Jacob Albers – CTO, SimplyCRM

Can you explain what a CRM system is?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. As we all know, customer relationships are essential to the success of any business. Unfortunately, relationship management can be time consuming and requires a great deal of resources. CRM Systems are designed to change that. ‘

The goal of a CRM system is to improve business relationships by helping to manage all customer relationships and interactions in one single place. The streamlined processes offered by CRM systems are designed to organize your relationships with individual customers, users, or suppliers, to help improve customer satisfaction ratings and boost productivity within your own business.

Tell us a little about SimplyCRM:

SimplyCRM is a simple-to-use, all-in-one, platform that provides you with everything you need to manage your customer relations. Our goal is to help you manage projects with tasks, milestones, and visual overviews, while at the same time helping you to generate leads, improve your relationships with existing customers, and create opportunities to advance your customer base.

What are your future goals for SimplyCRM?

Though my background and experience is extensive, my main goal and objective right now is to expand my current business, SimplyCRM, to over 10 different countries including Spain, Germany, England, USA, Norway, and Sweden. My time spent connecting with other CTO’s and learning about other countries has led me to believe that there is a huge market for a CRM system that is simple to use, yet very modular and expandable.

What can you do with SimplyCRM software?

There is so much that you can do with SimplyCRM software! Firstly, SimplyCRM allows you to integrate your emails and calendars directly into the software so that you can send email and marketing campaigns directly from the program. It also brings you closer with the customer by allowing you to view a full customer overview in just a few clicks. With SimplyCRM, you can quickly pull up all customer information including who they last spoke with and what they spoke about.

There’s so many uses for CRM software that I probably can’t cover in a single interview, but whether you want to send personalized updates, engage in lead management strategies, or analyze your customer data, you can do it all with SimplyCRM.


How is SimplyCRM benefiting companies and businesses?

As a like-minded business professional like myself, I’m sure you can see how a piece of software like SimplyCRM could change the course of business. Not only can it reduce the risk of lost leads and customers by reducing the likelihood of human error, but it can also keep all of your customer information in one place so that it is easily obtainable when you need it most. In addition, CRM software can help to improve productivity by freeing up time spent by employees on mundane tasks, and allowing them more time to focus on developing relationships with customers.

Any final words?

As the CTO at SimplyCRM, I am very excited about expanding the business into different countries where I see a gap in the market. I forsee that, like in North America, these countries will quickly see the value in CRM software, and that they can use it in such a way as to push forward their businesses and economies.


Jacob Albers is the CTO/technical expert at Simply CRM. He is a results driven professional with plenty of experience in the areas of each management, project management, and IT. His experience over the years has led him to become an expert in the area of Cloud Software Development, and he now strives to provide businesses with operation, cost management, and risk reduction solutions.




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