As a brand, Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is as important to you as anything else. In fact, you should hold it as important as you hold your business. Customer Relationship Management helps you to monitor the actions of your customers and how they interact with your touchpoints. Touchpoints here refers to places or actions through which your audience come in contact with your brand. It could be an email form they have to fill or a purchase button they have to click.

The importance of CRM cannot be overemphasized, especially in this modern-day world where marketing has gone beyond a company’s marketing team but now relies on its customers as well. CRM helps you to make informed decisions on who to market what product to and what time or season to market those products. This is because you have been able to study the behavior of your audience.

One important aspect of CRM is the fact that it makes use of data to develop insights to improve marketing. With the right data at the right time, you can always tell the type of content a particular audience likes to consume as well as the type of strategy that sells your products to customers. The knowledge of all this equips you with enough insight and information on your customers.


Every brand should always aim beyond just having customers. As a brand your end goal should be converting your customers to loyal advocates. Loyal advocates are customers that choose your products over your competitors any day or time. Beyond that, they also act as brand evangelists who refer your brand to their friends.

Word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of marketing. This is because a consumer would rather listen to a fellow consumer than a brand, as it is easy to believe that a brand has a motive to sell. A fellow consumer on the other hand doesn’t have to sell so he or she will be seen as more honest. Customer Relationship Management would help you get to this position with your customers.

With CRM, you will always stay in touch with your customers. For example, on social media, you have the opportunity to engage with your customers and listen to their needs and concerns. When your customers notice that beyond selling your products to them, you also care about their preferences and what they have to say, this would create a bond between you and them. The next time they need the product or service you offer, your business would come to mind.

CRM provides tools necessary tools for deep engagement with your customers in a personalized manner. Customers would feel more comfortable and would relate better if they know they are interacting with a human and not a robot. It also makes it easier for the customers to bond with your brand thereby spurring loyalty within them.

Consumer Relationship Management also helps you keep track of accounts your customers keep with you. This would enable you to easily identify your high profile and loyal customers. Knowing this, you would be aware of strategies that you could use to encourage these customers to act as advocates for your brand. You don’t want to leave your loyal customers unacknowledged as that could become a turn off for them.

Customer Relationship Management is a must have for any serious business, so if you haven’t incorporated it into your business you should do that immediately.

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