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According to HubSpot, 99% of consumers check their emails every day. This brings to light the huge prospect email marketing holds. Email marketing involves sending out messages to a group of people through email for commercial purposes. Emails can be sent out for various purposes including publicizing new products or contents, announcing new discounts and offers, reminding against deadlines, and many more

Email is considered a very effective investment as it improves the leads you generate on your content. Email marketing is believed to be the marketing channel with the highest Return On Investment (ROI). HubSpot also reports that more than 59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI. This implies that as a brand owner if you haven’t been utilizing emails to market to your audience, you have been missing out by a lot.

Email Lists

Before you can start marketing with emails, you have to build your email list. This entails gathering emails of interested customers and visitors on your sites. You should add emails of customers you already have in your database. You could also make use of email forms to request customers’ emails. The email forms will be placed at strategic places on your websites for interested customers to see and fill.

Emails are used as a form of reminder or a means of directing your audience to a particular platform to take an action you want them to take. There are various forms email marketing can take, depending on the purpose of the email. We will briefly mention them.

  • Newsletter: You can regularly distribute emails in the form of newsletters to your audience. This would contain content centered on a main topic of interest. The purpose of these newsletters will be to keep in touch with your customers and engage them. Email newsletters would help to keep your products in the mind of customers and also drive them to your website.

  • Offer: An offer email is sent to customers to gear them to make a predefined action, in most cases, to purchase your product. This type of email is used to exhibit discount prices and new offers to customers. You accompany an offer email with a call to action to convince customers to make a purchase of at the stipulated discounted price.

  • Announcement: This refers to an email sent to your customers with the sole aim of announcing the arrival and availability of a new product or service. This email helps you keep your audience interested in your brand as they get to be up-to-date with new products from you. The email will also be used to drive people to your website to purchase the new products.

  • Event Invitation: As the name implies, this email type is designed to make your customers aware of an event and encourage them to partake in it. Perhaps you are organizing a convention and the date is drawing near, you can send out emails to your audience to remind and increase interest in the event.

Email marketing has to be done right. Your emails should be constructed in an easy-to-read manner to prevent customers from losing interest in them. You should also consider using appealing images and visuals to increase engagement. Also, try as much as possible to personalize your emails to each customer as this would help them connect with it and spark up interest.

Email marketing, like every other thing, needs to be backed up with analytics to measure its effectiveness. Some of the emails you send may bounce and you need to know the cause to prevent wasted efforts. You also need to aware of the type of audience that interacts and convert through your emails to help you make better decisions on email marketing.

Email marketing is a very profitable form of marketing which you need to get familiar with. With proper goals, planning, strategies, and management, you would increase leads and conversions with it.

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